Getting Started

Help finding and using the TR system

If you are a registered user of one of the many Telephone Reader systems across the USA, or are interested in using a Telephone Reader system, you can scan this page and see if there is a Telephone Reader system in use near you.

You can click here to find a quick list of commands to view or print, showing the pushbutton commands to operate the system.

If you're interested in getting a telephone more suited to extended listening, here are some suggested deals.



Try it yourself

To experience a six-minute demo of the Kansas Lions Telephone Reader system, call 1-800-335-1221 and enter code 5887. You will have complete system access, and may hear readings from 120 different sources, including national magazines, novels and non-fiction books, and newspapers from Kansas City, Topeka, Wichita, Lawrence, and smaller cities around Kansas and Missouri.


Telephone Reader Directory

Find a Telephone Reader system near you

Following is a list of cities and services where there are Telephone Reader installations in operation. If you have difficulty reading normal print, and you are within local dialing range of one of these services, you may use the Telephone Reader system to read your local newspapers and hear other news. Some services also offer wide area dialing, so there may be toll-free access to your closest service, even if you live outside the local dialing area. Please contact the service in your area for more information. 




Arkansas Telephone Reader 
Arkansas Radio Reading Service 

350 S. Donaghey, Suite 2000 
Conway, Arkansas 72032 

Office: (501) 852-5125 

David "Randy" Johnson 




Telephone Reader 
The Braille Institute 
741 N. Vermont Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 90029 

Office: 1-800-808-2555 
(323) 660-3880, Ext. 3154

Tina Herbison 
Program Coordinator 

Access News Telephone Reader 
Society for the Blind 
2750 24th St. 
Sacramento CA 95818-3256 

(916) 732-4010 
Office: (916) 277-2175 

Christopher Bartlett
Access News Coordinator 




Telephone Reader 
Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) 

2200 Central Avenue, Suite A 
Boulder, CO 

Office: (303) 786-7777 
Colorado Springs Phone Number: (719) 577-9624 

David Dawson 
Executive Director 




Telephone Reader 
Connecticut Radio Information Service 

184 Windsor Ave., Suite C 
Windsor, CT 06095 
Office: (860) 956-3579 

Elena Walworth 
Telephone Reader Coordinator 




Lions Telephone Reader 
Audio-Reader Network 
1120 West 11th Street
Lawrence KS 66044 

Office: (785) 864-4600 

George McCoy 
Telephone Reader Coordinator 

Air Capitol Telephone Reader 
106 W. Douglas #615 
Wichita, Kansas 67202 

Office: (316) 337-7701 

Steve Bauer 




The Talking Newspaper 
Kentucky Council of the Blind 
217 North Pope 
Louisville KY 40206 

Office: (502 ) 895-4598 

Carla Ruschival 




Dial-In Newspaper & Magazine Service 
The Metropolitan Washington Ear 
12061 Tech Rd. 
Silver Spring MD 20904 

Office: (301) 681-6636 

Nancy Knauss 




Dial-In News 
Minnesota State Services for the Blind 

Office: 651-649-5905 

David Andrews 
Chief Technology Officer 




Tele-Reader Service
E. I. E. S. of New Jersey 

Electronic Information & Ed 
59 Scotland Rd 
South Orange NJ 07079-2030 

Office: (973) 762-0552 

Elaine Henry 
Telephone Reader Coordinator 




The Ohio Telephone Reader
Ohio Educational Telecommunications Network 

2470 North Star Road 
Columbus OH 43221 

Office: (614) 644-1714 




The South Dakota News Telephone Reader 
1161 Deadwood Ave, Suite 5 
Rapid City, SD 57702 

Office: (605) 394-6742 




Dial-In News Service 
Voice of the Blue Ridge 

Office: (540 ) 989-8900 

Patty Alls 


Telephone Reader is a part of the Audio Reader network, a reading and information service for blind, visually impaired, and print disabled individuals in Kansas and western Missouri.